CBD Lotion with THC: How These Cannabinoids May Provide Relief Together

Cannabis topicals are underrated. Flower or edibles may be on your dispensary shopping shortlist, but topical CBD and THC have many uses and may be the perfect companion for your cannabis routine. Topical products can help you relax, release tight muscles, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain – all without feeling high. 

What are CBD topicals that contain THC?

Topicals are products formulated for use on your skin to deliver localized relief from specific symptoms. That means you’ll experience the effects of a topical where you apply it, not throughout your body like you would if you took an edible or enjoyed a preroll.

CBD topicals that contain THC harness the soothing qualities of these two cannabinoids to deliver a fast-acting experience. CBD cream and CBD lotion are two common types of topicals that people enjoy to soothe aching muscles or joints. While you can find CBD topicals at a range of stores, if you want a CBD topical with THC, you have to visit a licensed dispensary. 

What are transdermal products, and what do they have to do with topicals?

Topical products are not the same as transdermal products, although they are used in similar ways. Topicals are formulated for local application and absorption, while transdermal products have specially added ingredients to allow cannabinoids to pass through your skin barrier and absorb into your bloodstream. Most topical products are not transdermal products. 

The benefits of CBD and THC together

Cannabis products work best with the entourage effect in play. This scientific theory says that the compounds found in cannabis are stronger together rather than as isolated compounds. This theory suggests that using topicals with both CBD and THC (or full spectrum CBD, if shopping outside a dispensary) works more effectively than products with CBD alone.

Why is this? CBD and THC bind with different receptors in your endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short. Every person and animal has an endocannabinoid system that influences many bodily functions, including mood, stress regulation, appetite, and pain reception. 

Your ECS has receptors on every organ in your body, including your skin. The two most common receptors are CB1 and CB2. THC binds well with CB1 receptors, which are thought to heavily influence pain responses, while CB2 plays a big role in inflammation. When you use a topical product with both CBD and THC, both types of receptors are activated by the cannabinoid content of the product.

How to apply CBD lotion with THC

Topical products work best for local applications. Unless your product specifically says “transdermal,” it will not absorb through your skin and into your bloodstream, meaning that even CBD lotion with THC will not get you high. 

You can use topical products alongside other cannabis products for targeted symptom relief without worrying about getting “too high” or having too much CBD. 

Always test new topical products on a small section of your skin before applying to ensure there is no negative reaction. 

  1. Open your CBD lotion and dispense or scoop a small amount onto your hand.
  2. Apply the CBD lotion to the painful or affected area and gently massage the product until it is absorbed. 
  3. Allow the product to soak in for 15 – 20 minutes before covering the area with any clothing or fabric. While you may not notice any obvious effect, lowered swelling or reduced pain means the product is working. 

CBD topicals with THC sold at High Street Dispensary

With 100 mg of CBD and THC in each bottle, Avexia’s 1:1 THC/CBD Lotion has packaged relief in an easy-to-use pump. The soothing power of these cannabinoids is complemented by a hydrating combination of olive oil, cacao butter, vitamin E, and two traditional herbs, rosemary and ginger. Users of this lotion sing its praises for relieving muscle and joint pain.

Give CBD + THC topicals a chance 

Topical products deserve more love. If you’re looking for a way to relax and relieve pain without relying on pills and NSAIDs, see what the power of the plant can do for you. At High Street, we’re here seven days a week to help New Jerseyans (and their guests!) learn how cannabis can make a difference in their everyday lives. We’re looking forward to meeting you, whether you shop in person or use our drive-thru.


FAQs about CBD lotion with THC

No. Topical products do not cross through the skin barrier into your bloodstream and cannot make you test positive for THC.

No. While CBD lotion with THC can help you feel good, it cannot make you feel high because the THC does not enter into your bloodstream.

Yes. CBD and THC have been studied for their effects on arthritis pain. They have been observed to have an effect on inflammation throughout the body, including in joints.

Yes. CBD lotion with THC is best used for localized pain relief and may help reduce back pain by loosening tight muscles and targeting inflammation.

Yes. If you have delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) as a result of working out or a long day at work, CBD lotion with THC may be able to help you relax.

Maybe. CBD lotion with THC works best for local application. If you’re experiencing muscle cramps or spasms as a result of your cycle, CBD lotion with THC may be able to help. However, it may not work as well for uterine or ovarian cramps as these products do not absorb through the skin and into the bloodstream.

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