Now Open: Shop Cannabis At High Street Dispensary’s Drive Thru

Picking up your cannabis is as easy as getting morning coffee or picking up dinner for the family. High Street Dispensary is proud to be among the first adult-use dispensaries in the Garden State to offer drive-thru pickup, making order pickup as easy as possible for our customers. 

Why try the drive-thru?

In a hurry? We get it. Skipping the line in-store is certainly the main perk of opting for a drive-thru at the dispensary, but that’s not the only reason to select this convenience.

First, you get to reserve the products you want. When you use the drive-thru for pickup, your desired items are set aside just for you. They won’t sell out, and you won’t need to search for an alternative.

Second, you get to stay comfortable. No more sloshing around in the rain or baking in the super-hot sun. Your car is nice and comfy — we don’t see the need to disrupt that.

Best of all, using our drive-thru is completely free! There are no convenience fees or any special fees to cut the line.

How to order cannabis at our drive-thru

Drive-thru pick-up is easy as can be at High Street. Here’s how to place your order.

  1. Head to our website and go to the menu. Browse through your favorites, or head straight to the deals.
  2. Once you’ve filled your basket, click or tap the cart to head to checkout.
  3. On the checkout screen, fill out your information and select “Drive-through pick up.” Pick the time you plan to swing by so we know to have your order ready to go.
  4. Select how you’ll be paying for your cannabis. You can pay in cash or with a debit card at the dispensary, or use Aeropay to pay in advance.
  5. Come through at your scheduled time to get your stuff.

Tips for drive-thru dispensary shopping

Turn down the music

Our budtenders need to be able to hear you! As your turn to pick up approaches and you pull up to the window, turn down whatever tunes or podcasts you have played. 

Keep your products in the bag

We know restocking your stash is exciting, but it’s best to wait until you get home to check out your new goodies. It’s good practice to hold all your items in the bag you were given at the dispensary. Keep everything sealed and in its original packaging until you get to your final destination.

Don’t forget your photo ID

You’ll need to show our budtenders government-issued photo ID to pick up your order. Have this information ready to get your order faster and keep the line behind you moving.

Shop High Street Dispensary for same-day drive-thru pickup

Located across from the M&M Mars headquarters in Hackettstown, High Street Dispensary is proud to serve northwest New Jersey with the best-selling brands, can’t-get-enough craft flower, and everything in between. From convenient pre-rolls to hot deals, to fresh and exciting bundles, High Street is your source for all things cannabis in the Garden State. Shop now, and give us a honk hello on your way to the drive-thru!


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