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What They Are And How To Buy Them

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What are THC vapes?

THC vapes, also known as vape pens or vaporizers, are electronic devices designed for vaporizing cannabis extracts or oils. These devices typically consist of a battery component that powers a heating element, which in turn vaporizes the cannabis oil or concentrate stored in a cartridge or chamber.

Cannabis vapes offer a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis and allow us to feel the effects without the need for combustion or smoke. They come in various models and can contain different types of cannabis concentrate.

How do THC vapes work?

THC vapes operate by activating the device, typically through a button or inhaling mechanism to trigger the activation of a heating element. This element rapidly heats the cannabis oil or extract in the cartridge, causing it to vaporize and transform into inhalable vapor. 

This process allows for a discreet and convenient method to enjoy the effects of cannabis without combustion. Best of all, it doesn’t have the same lingering, telltale smoke smell as a joint or a bong. This vapor dissipates pretty quickly.

Types of THC vapes

In New Jersey’s cannabis market, THC vapes come in three primary types: 

Disposable vapes

These are pre-filled with cannabis extracts for one-time use. These compact and discreet pens require no maintenance and are disposed of after use. Typically available in 0.5-gram sizes. 

510-thread vapes

These popular carts feature a universal 510-thread connector, compatible with various rechargeable batteries to offer flexibility and ease. Available in 0.5g or 1g sizes, making them widely accessible at dispensaries and online. 

Pod systems

Designed for specific brands of batteries, pod systems offer consistency and convenience. They provide less customization but are known for their reliability. Airo is one of the most popular pod systems in New Jersey. 

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Vape carts contain concentrated cannabis extract, each offering its own distinct flavor and potency profile. Some of the concentrate types you’ll typically find in a vape cart include: 

  • Distillate: A liquid concentrate of pure THC, prized for its high potency and versatility  
  • Live resin: Sourced from fresh frozen cannabis, live resin retains most of the strain’s original cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Live rosin: A solventless concentrate that preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes from the source strain
  • CO2 oil: Extracted using carbon dioxide, offering a clean and pure concentrate with a balanced profile of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • THCa diamonds: Among the purest forms of THCa available, these crystalline structures can reach up to 99% purity when heated

Using a vape cart is straightforward. Start by ensuring that your battery is fully charged. Then, attach the cart to the battery if it doesn’t arrive attached; screw it on if it’s a 510-thread, or follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a pod system. Next, activate the vape by pressing the button or inhaling, depending on the type of battery. 

Once the vape is activated, inhale gently through the mouthpiece, releasing the button or stopping when you’ve taken the desired amount. After use, detach the cart from the battery to store both components for safekeeping and longevity.

You can find a massive variety of vape brands at High Street Dispensary. Some of the most popular options include: 

  • Airo
  • Cookies
  • Edie Parker 
  • Fernway
  • Gage
  • Haze 
  • Kind Tree 
  • Legend 
  • &Shine
  • MPX
  • Mudd Brothers 
  • Ozone 
  • Rythm 
  • Simply Herb 
  • Verano

High Street offers a diverse selection of strains in vape form, providing an array of options to suit every preference. Some of the strains available in vape cartridges at our dispensary include: 

Vape testing is essential to ensure the safety and quality of any cannabis product you consume. Dispensaries like High Street are only allowed to carry products that meet rigorous state-set standards. For these products, third-party, licensed laboratories conduct thorough examinations of THC vapes and cartridges. Some of these tests involve checking for harmful additives such as polyethylene glycol (PEG), propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin, or glycerol (VG), vitamin E acetate (VEA), and acetic acid.

Follow these guidelines to store your vape carts properly: 

  • Keep THC vape carts upright to prevent potential leaks or clogs.
  • Store at room temperature and avoid extremes below 50°F or above 80°F to maintain oil quality and viscosity.
  • Store the vape cart separate from the battery when not in use to avoid leaks and damage. If your vape cart came with them, use the silicone covers to protect the contact points and mouthpiece.
  • Minimize exposure to light by keeping vape carts in a cool, dry place.

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