The High Street Buyer’s Guide to CBD

Understanding CBD and how it contributes to your overall cannabis experience could be an important factor in making your buying decision. This guide serves as a primer on CBD and what to expect when choosing cannabis products that contain it so you can make the right choice the next time you visit a licensed cannabis dispensary like High Street.

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants that doesn’t cause intoxication and may offer some therapeutic benefits. CBD from hemp plants (a type of low-THC cannabis plants) became a household name in recent years, found in products like gummies, tinctures, topicals, and some more surprising infusions like clothing.

While it can be purchased outside a dispensary, it’s also present in many cannabis products you’ll find on dispensary shelves. While it won’t make you feel high like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it does play an important role in your overall experience, so it’s important to understand what CBD is, how it works, and how much is in the product you’ve chosen. 

Why choose CBD products?

There are a number of reasons to choose cannabis products that contain high levels of CBD. Here are some of the most common reasons you might opt for a high-CBD cannabis product:

  • It may reduce the intensity of your high: Consuming cannabis products with higher levels of CBD relative to THC content may influence how intoxicated you feel. Studies suggest consuming CBD-dominant cannabis products in particular resulted in reduced paranoia and anxiety. This makes high-CBD cannabis products a great choice for new or low tolerance consumers who don’t want an overwhelming experience.

  • It may help alleviate pain: Research also suggests CBD may be effective at managing pain, making it a good choice for consumers hoping to ease any aches or soreness. It may be at its most effective when combined with THC, so consumers looking for pain relief should consider balanced THC to CBD ratios — more on those later in this guide.

  • It may provide stress and anxiety relief: Studies suggest CBD can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, helping you relax and unwind. It may also help to boost mood, making cannabis products with high levels of CBD a good option for consumers looking for a way to stay calm and manage their mental well-being.

  • It may serve as an antioxidant: CBD may reduce oxidative stress on your body, which is a factor in the development of many health conditions. Cannabis products with high levels of CBD could be a good choice for health conscious consumers.


It’s important to note that research into cannabinoids like CBD is ongoing. Researchers are learning more about these compounds and how they impact our health and wellness all the time. 

Hemp CBD vs. cannabis products with CBD

You may have come across CBD products at places like convenience stores and gas stations. These products are hemp-derived and contain less than 0.3% THC content, which makes them legal for sale outside of unlicensed cannabis dispensaries. However, these products lack the benefits of a broad spectrum or full spectrum product that contains a wide range of other cannabis compounds, such as THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes. These products also are not subject to the stringent testing requirements applied to any cannabis products sold by a licensed dispensary in New Jersey.

Purchasing cannabis products that contain CBD from a licensed dispensary avails you to a wide range of product types and THC to CBD ratios. It also guarantees product quality, as test results are mandated by state law and all brands must make the results available to consumers. While you may not always be able to find hemp-derived CBD products in a dispensary, you can find low THC products with high quantities of CBD that may meet your needs.

How to choose CBD products

When you visit a dispensary in search of cannabis products with high CBD content, it’s important to take steps to ensure you choose the right one. Here are some things to keep in mind before making a purchase. 

1. Consider your goals

Before you even set foot in a dispensary, take some time to think about what you hope to get out of a cannabis product. Someone in search of pain relief may prefer a different product to someone looking to relax and ease their mind. Knowing clearly the type of experience you’re after can help you narrow down your options when making a buying decision. 

2. Read the label

Check the product’s label to see how much CBD it contains, as well as other key information like its THC content and terpene profile. All of these compounds work together to create a unique experience, so take note of each of them, not just the CBD content. 

3. Take note of the product’s THC to CBD ratio

Perhaps most important to note is the product’’s THC to CBD ratio, as the way these two compounds interact will significantly shape your experience. If you like the way high THC products make you feel, consider a THC-dominant product with just some CBD. If you’re looking for a less intense experience, consider a CBD dominant product. You’re going to find these ratios in manufactured products such as edibles and tinctures.

When you try a product for the first time, take note of how it makes you feel. If you like it, consider looking for the same THC to CBD ratio again in the future.

Some common ratios include:

  • 1 to 1, with an equal amount of THC to CBD
  • 2 to 1 THC to CBD 
  • 2 to 1 CBD to THC
  • 5 to 1 THC to CBD
  • 5 to 1 CBD to THC
  • 20 to 1 THC to CBD
  • 20 to 1 CBD to THC

Some examples of THC to CBD in action include:

4. Ask a budtender

When in doubt, a budtender will help you out. Simply let them know your goals and ask them about what products the dispensary has in stock. At High Street, our budtenders are experts on the products we carry and can offer recommendations that best suit your needs. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Does CBD have side effects?

Some consumers may experience some minor side effects from CBD, including reduced appetite, dry mouth, and feelings of nausea. To avoid or limit these side effects, start with a small amount of CBD and only slowly increase the amount you consume as needed. We recommend beginning with 5mg to 10mg of CBD to see how it affects you.

The most important thing to be aware of before consuming CBD is that it may interact with medications. These interactions could render medications ineffective or lead to dangerous side effects. So, if you’re taking prescription medications, consult with your doctor before trying CBD or any cannabis product that contains it. 

High CBD products available at High Street

At High Street, we carry some of the best cannabis in New Jersey, including products that contain significant amounts of CBD. Here’s a look at some of our favorites:

  • Avexia 1:1 THC/CBD Lotion: A topical focused on targeted relief to soothe aches, pains, and dry skin, this 1:1 lotion from Avexia is a great choice for consumers battling a pesky painful spot. Simply apply a bit to the affected area, rub it in, and let it work.
  • Grӧn Pomegranate Pearls: These edibles offer a CBD-dominant experience that’s four parts CBD to one part THC, perfect for the low tolerance consumer looking for a mild high. Each edible contains 10 mg THC and 40 mg CBD. While they’re certainly still intoxicating you can expect to keep both feet firmly on the ground.
  • Grӧn Blackberry Lemonade Pearls: If you’re looking for a balanced edible that also brings Cannabinol (CBN) into the mix – ideal for cozying up before bed – then the Blackberry Lemonade Pearls are for you. Each edible contains 10 mg of THC, CBD, and CBN per serving.
  • 1906 Chill Pills: Consumers who want a CBD-dominant product in an easy to consume format will love the Chill pills from 1906. Each pill contains 5 mg THC and 25 mg CBD, providing a low-key experience that offers the benefits of CBD without an overwhelming high.
  • 1906 Bliss Pills: If you’re looking for a slightly more potent high but still want to get your CBD in, the Bliss pills from 1906 offer a balanced experience. Each pill contains 5mg THC and 5mg CBD, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Wana Classic Strawberry Lemonade Soft Lozenges: For a balanced edible that delivers plenty of CBD without diluting the high, these Strawberry Lemonade soft lozenges are a top choice. Each contains 10mg THC and 10mg CBD for a balanced experience that leaves consumers energized, happy, and creative. 

While these are some of the great cannabis products with CBD we carry, we’re adding to our inventory all the time. To see what else is available, check out our High Street menu or stop in to visit our dispensary in Hackettstown, NJ.

Cannabis and CBD products that are right up your alley

Whether you’re looking for cannabis products with CBD or something else altogether, High Street is your destination for the best brands in the Garden State. In a rush? No problem; our dispensary offers many ways to order cannabis, convenient drive-thru cannabis pickup services, so you won’t even have to get out of your car. You can even pay ahead using Aeropay to save even more time. Just swing by, grab your product, and get back on the road. We’ll be here ready and waiting, seven days a week.

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